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You know, in a way it’s quite a scary thing, to post these photos of yourself out on the internet world for all to see. But you know what- it’s one of the singular most motivating things in the fitness world for myself and for others so I feel as though it’s necessary to include mine! Also to show women that you don’t have to do endless cardio and eat salads to get in shape- it’s really all about the heavy lifting, eating balanced, nutrient dense foods, and allowing yourself to love your body through the process.


progress2For reference, there is about a 2 1/2 year difference in between each photo.

To get these results, I spent 1 year and a half focusing on buildling strength in my major lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press) and from then on out I switched between more bodybuilding style routines and powerlifting style. VERY minimal cardio has been done. I do HIIT sprints about 1-2 a week for about 15 mins. if I feel like it. I also do NOT deprive myself of food. I will eat things like cheeseburgers, pizza, cake, etc.- I just also make sure I’m eating healthy, high protein meals about 80% of the time.

I would say, though, that the MOST IMPORTANT transformation I’ve made thus far is in my mental outlook. I’ve learned to finally start lovin my body the way it is and appreciating what it can do rather than focusing on trying to shrink myself. Instead of thinking of ways I can make myself smaller, I’m loving focusing on building my muscles, instead.

The progress I’m most proud of is my mindset and the power to encourage others.


2 thoughts on “Progress Photos

  1. Emma says:

    When r the pics with no year next to them?
    U have inspired me to
    1. Ditch MFP
    2. Start lifting

    🙂 can’t wait

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