Why I Want to Start Doing Make-up Tutorials.

I’m all for anything that makes you feel confident and empowered.

And as empowered and confident that squatting and deadlifting makes me feel- a good lipstick can do just the same for me.

FullSizeRender 3

Purple lips are my favorite!

For me, make-up isn’t necessarily just about “covering up” imperfections. While I’m perfectly fine walking around without it (and often do!) it’s the aspect of using creativity to create a painting ON MY FACE that is just so neat to me. And while some may say makeup is superficial, or “tricking” people- I think that’s a shallow viewpoint. If it makes you happy in any way, if it brightens your day or makes you feel a few degrees more inspired and confident, then WHO CARES. I don’t do make-up to impress anyone, I do it because it makes me feel like “me” in a way.

It’s also a form of self-care. There’s something about putting on a full face of make-up that is extremely relaxing, therapeutic, and somewhat meditative. It is anxiety reducing, even. I’m sure not everyone feels this way- for many, doing it is a chore. And there are times that it can be, but most of the time it’s a welcome one. One that I’d a zillion times rather be doing than any other I can think of, haha!

I also love that I can “break the rules” with make-up. Similar to how being a woman- you’re not “supposed” to lift heavy, right? Well- you’re also not “supposed” to wear blue lipstick. There is also a movement of “Men don’t like heavy make-up! Men want you to be natural! Make-up is gross blablabla”

FullSizeRender 2

Well- I love wearing this specific dark indigo lipstick (OCC Liptar in Technopagan!) and you know what? There are people that probably would think “That looks weird” or something. But I don’t care because it makes me feel like a BOSS. I know I’m breaking the rules in a weird way and I love that. And I’m grateful that my husband understands and encourages me to express myself in that way, too 🙂

I actually almost pursued a career in make-up artistry but just didn’t have the time to devote to it. That being said, I actually do make-up for clients from time to time. It’s pretty encouraging to see others just light up and feel more confident and beautiful afterwards!

While I don’t necessarily have the time to pursue that more at this time, I realized that I do have time to do tutorials myself. Now that I have a new Macbook- I’ve been playing with iMovie and am so amazed at how easy and fun it is to edit videos.

So- here’s my first tutorial! It’s a fresh, fun summer look. Starting out simple, here!

Let me know if you enjoyed and if you think this is something I should continue.

I know it’s not fitness/health related- but it’s confidence related which I think is still important to my mission and what I’m about. I hope you enjoy!


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