Pinterest Friday- Spring 2015 Fashion Inspiration

Anyone else love Pinterest as much as I do? Who am I kidding, OF COURSE you do. 😉 That’s why every Friday I decided to post about the things that inspire me- that I collect on my Pinterest page! I honestly find Pinterest such a soothing activity. So I want to share it with you!

Lately I’ve been all about re-inventing my look and fashion style. It’s still in my mind right now until I actually *go buy* these clothes that I want, but it’s always fun to be inspired by fashion on Pinterest!

The vibe I’m really loving right now is totally minimalist, simplistic, and chic. Basic. Clean. Refreshing. I’ve actually been super inspired by minimalism in general right now- including fashion, home decor and more. (So you’re probably going to see lots of that on my new Pinterest Friday feature here!)

The fashion looks I’m inspired by are very much about clean lines and structure interspered with an airy, effortless vibe.


[Source: Pinterest- original source unknown]

Here are some finds from Forever 21 that totally embody this style (and that are currently in my shopping cart!)






Since I work from home, I find myself wearing PJ’s most of the time. (Though I did upgrade to a beautiful silk robe, at least!) And when I’m not in PJ’s- I’m in gym clothes. However, I LOVE fashion and want to find ways to embrace it more from now on, since I always just feel awesome when I have great clothes on- as anyone would.

What’s been inspiring you for Spring? Let me know!

Oh- and you can find me on pinterest here.


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