It’s Hard to be Fit.

It’s hard to get fit. To lose weight. It’s hard to lift weights. To run marathons. To be an athlete. To keep a consistent schedule. Some days you feel like quitting. Some days you’ll feel weak, but at the same time you’ll have days where you feel so empowered beyond you ever thought you could feel, and days where you feel like you can take on anything. But it’s still hard. Especially at first. Fitness and health will not and will never fall into your lap with no effort.

Getting fit isn't all laughter, fashionable accessories, and perfectly blown-out hair.

Getting fit isn’t all laughter, fashionable accessories, and perfectly blown-out hair.

It’s hard to keep track of your protein at every meal. It’s hard to make sure you get all your veggies in. To plan your meals. To grocery shop frequently, cook and prepare healthy and nutritious foods on a daily basis on top of having a family, classes, work, and a social life. It’s hard to restrict yourself when you know you need to. It’s also hard to moderate treats when your soul needs it without going overboard.

Eating plain salad greens isn't necessarily as easy and fun as this woman's huge grin would make you believe.

Eating plain salad greens isn’t necessarily as easy and fun as this woman’s huge grin would make you believe.

It’s hard to deal with people that come down on you for making positive changes. To go against the grain. To venture to the weight room for the first time. To deal with sexist comments. To deal with people giving you unsolicited “advice.” Or “compliments.” To remain confident when you don’t know what the heck you’re even doing- but you know you’ll figure it out if you just try.

"You're going to get bulky like a man." "It's too dangerous." "Men don't like women who are strong and have muscles." "Can't you skip the gym this once?"

“You’re going to get bulky like a man.” “It’s too dangerous.” “Men don’t like women who are strong and have muscles.” “Can’t you skip the gym this once?” “Here, let me lift that for you.” 

It’s hard to re-train your mind to think about your body in a positive light and to stop the vicious cycle of negative reinforcement among yourself, your friends, and your family. To ignore the media’s messages of having the “perfect” bikini body or else you’re worthless as a woman. It’s hard to de-rail a body hate session in the mirror or among friends. It’s hard to try to convince someone you love they are beautiful when they do not believe it themselves.

girl in puberty observe her body change

Being “fit” doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically love your body. You have to choose that for yourself. And it’s better to learn this at the beginning of your journey, not when you’ve reached “your goal body” because that may never happen in your mind.

It’s hard- but it’s worth it. It’s so worth it.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, to gain muscle, to feel confident, or to have a positive body image- you have to realize it will take effort, sacrifice, and there will be times you’ll slip up. You’ll feel like you’re “failing.” But it’s okay.

The important thing is to never, ever quit putting effort into yourself, your body, your mind, and your soul. It’s so important.

Drinking tea

You’re worth the effort.

Because you know what else is hard? Disease. Not being able to play with your your kids. Hating your body every moment of every day. Believing you’re not “worth” the effort and all the negative reinforcement that gets thrown your way. Compounding health issues from a poor diet. Muscle atrophy from lack of activity.

That’s hard, too.

I feel sometimes that people that are new to the world of health and fitness think that “fit people” have easy lives and they are just genetically gifted in some way when it isn’t true it all. The fitness community loves to post recipes, progress photos, and success stories but tends to hide the parts that are hard. Why is that the case- when we all know this lifestyle isn’t always the easiest, especially at first?

Many people throw themselves into diets and workout plans and stop when it becomes hard, not realizing that the soreness, the confusion- it’s all normal- especially at the beginning.  Nobody that is a fit and healthy person will tell you it’s been easy every step of the way.

However- when the effort starts to become your normal way of life and habitual is when the positive changes start to overflow for you. It’s unbelievable what can happen when you start investing in yourself and you start believing you’re worth the effort.

Because you are.


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