My Starting Strength Journey Recap Video!

Hey all! I was asked to write a blog post about my Starting Strength journey, and then I thought- hey- why not make a video about it? Because Lord knows I can talk your ear off 😉

I hope this helps you guys who are considering doing a heavy lifting/strength based workout regiment. I found that for me, it gave me an excellent basis before I started delving in to more bodybuilding styled workouts, because it allows me to lift HEAVY and really maximize my results.

Plus, it feels pretty awesome to be able to squat/deadlift over your body weight!

I’m not a powerlifter or an “elite” athlete by any means, I’m just a regular girl who got strong on this program and you can too! I know there are many programs out there similar, but for the past 2 years I’ve really dedicated myself to exploring Starting Strength and all that it has to offer and it really paid off for me.

Comment if you have any specific questions to ask me, I would love to answer!


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