Gold is a Girl’s Best Friend.

One thing that I love about lifting and pursuing a lifestyle of fitness is the fact that I am able to push my body to the limits and create my own version and rules of what is feminine and sexy and awesome.

Lifting heavy, breaking PRs, and grunting along with the guys makes me feel tough, empowered, and like I can take on anything. Who wouldn’t want to feel that, right?

This whole “delicate flower” mentality does nothing for women and just perpetuates the fact that we are fragile beings. Just check out this gym sign going around the internet for example: about no.

Yeah….how about no.

As someone who was never too much into sports growing up (drama/art nerd, represent!) I never realized what I was missing out on! Sure, I was into fitness before, but it was more of a mindset of “Must get skinny and hot!” Which is definitely not as empowering.

While it may be too late to start training to be an Olympian, it’s been great to keep up with the Sochi Olympics and get inspired by some seriously awesome female athletes that are breaking records and holding their own with the boys, like Julie Chu.

As an Olympic Silver Medalist and Hockey Player, she knows what it’s like to keep up with the boys:

“I didn’t want special treatment, I didn’t want people to take it easy on me. I wanted to be pushed, and challenged, and picked on like everyone else when you’re part of a team.”


I absolutely love that Julie and the USA Hockey Foundation are coming out with a great Try Hockey for Free program for kids. Exposing kids to new ways to stay active is something I’m all about! And what fun, right? I would have loved to have been exposed to a program like that! Even though I would have been terrible at it. (Unathletic drama/art nerd, remember? 😉 )

Julie grew up playing with the boys, now she’s playing with the girls and representing Team USA in the gold medal game. You know, I’m sure as a young girl people told Julie that ice hockey wasn’t “for girls,” but you know what? She didn’t care. She kept on being awesome and pursuing her dreams and now has inspired many other women and younger girls to follow in her footsteps.

For some it may not mean pursuing hockey, but something else that doesn’s seem “normal” for girls to do.

Heck, people still don’t think its normal for girls like me to be in the weightroom. And that’s precisely why I love it so much. It’s fun to rustle up people’s feathers sometimes 😉

So if you want to support Julie Chu and the Ice Hockey Foundation, Citi is giving away $500,000 to educational sports programs such as the Try Hockey for Free program I mentioned above. The Every Step of the Way program was created to help YOU decide where cuts of the $500,000 goes, which I think is super awesome. For more information, you can watch the following short video or visit their website. 

Fitness is more than just having a “hot body,” it’s a lifestyle to encourage overall health and vitality for people of any age. It’s about setting goals and accomplishing them, whether its in the weightroom, on the track, or on an ice hockey rink.

And why not inspire our young girls to realize that their self worth is NOT in fact, directly tied to their appearance, that they CAN play with the boys, and they are CAPABLE of winning Olympic medals.

I can stand by that.

Who inspired you this year in the Sochi Winter Olympics? 


This post was created in partnership with Citi®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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