Why the Recent Multivitamin “Study” is Garbage

I’m sure you’ve heard recently about the studies bashing multivitamin and supplement use.

Now, I strongly believe proper (read: ALL NATURAL, SCIENTIFICALLY BASED) supplements are very useful and should be endorsed as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

No, I’m not endorsed by Cellucor or another trendy supplement company. I’m not trying to sell you Advocare, Body by Vi, or Herbalife, I’m not talking about low-end protein powders and fat burners filled with tons of articial flavorings, colors, preservatives, and sugars, here. 

I’m talking high-end, quality supplements like Omega 3s, a whole food greens supplements, probiotics, among others. The supplement industry is not regulated that well, so it’s absolutely crucial to research where your supplements come from!

Anyhow, I have the privilege to work with a highly knowledgeable Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, as well as Natural Pharmacist who just unleashed an EXCELLENT takedown of the Multivitamin Study! 

If you were wondering about this issue at all or interested in why it’s a flawed study, I highly encourage you to give it a watch and even give it a share if you’re so inclined.

It’s time those of us in the business of preventative and natural health fight back. You have to take control of your health yourself, which often means doing the research and investigating what’s truth- and what’s propaganda!


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