Your Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you a guest blog post I made for 
The Nutrition Shoppe. 

I figured it would come in handy for my readers, too!
It’s a great guide for some healthy gifts for the health conscious folks on your list. Or even if they’re not, maybe it would be a great headstart 😉


gift1Healthy Snacks Delivered Monthly from NatureBox
From their website: “Every NatureBox item is carefully sourced and nutritionist approved. Everything inside your NatureBox will be better for you so that you can feel great about what you’re eating. You can trust that our products will be made from wholesome ingredients and will be minimally processed, if at all.”

Sounds great to us! Any healthy eater would love this gift. Available in subscription packages from 3 months up to a year, it’s a great way to keep the Christmas cheer going even past Christmas itself.


Practice yoga with the barefoot feel- but without the slipping!
These are great for anyone you know that practices yoga, pilates, or even barre. They make yoga a slip free experience, while being able to use the natural toe grip that is so crucial for yoga. Plus- it’s more hygienic in public places! At it’s affordable price, it makes an excellent stocking stuffer, too.
($7.98 from



Keep track of training goals with the Polar Heart Rate Monitor!
Keeping up with training goals is easy with the Polar watch, by tracking your heart rate, calories burned, and more. It also keeps track of your training essions, hours, and has a race countdown! Plus, it come in many different variations including mens and womens, and  different colors.


Blend your smoothie to-go!
Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate a step from making your morning green-smoothie? Just throw everything in the bottle, place it in the blender, and go. So quick and easy! It’s also dishwasher safe.



Wake up and Work out!
This handy little alarm clock won’t stop ringing until you do 30 curls with it. Such a unique and clever idea for the workout junkie who can’t get themselves up in time! It’s a light weight so it’s easy for all ages and fitness levels.



Active Storage without the bulk!
From the website, “FlipBelt is designed to carry your on-the-go essentials without tying up your hands. Made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend, FlipBelt slides right on and sits snug on your hip. No bulk. No bounce. FlipBelt is machine washable machine dryable and it’s even Made in the USA. To keep items secure, all you have to do is flip the belt inward. Now, everything you need while exercising fits right around your waist.”
($28.99, from



Perfect for the Healthy Cook.
Make food preparation a little easier for the healthy cook on your list! We love this sturdy, functional design. Finished with bamboo wood, it resists scuffing and moisure. The slide-out mini-drawers save space while keeping ingredients separate.


Burn Calories while Surfing the Web.
If you use your computer frequently and wonder how you can squeeze in more exercise in your life- this may be a game-changer for you. The SurfShelf is a way for you to safely attach your laptop to a treadmill so you can watch Netflix, surf the web, check Facebook, and more all while working out on an elliptical, bike, or treadmill.



A Protein Bar that Packs a Punch
Do you know someone that has embraced the Paleo diet/lifestyle? If so, these are absolutely perfect! Made with 100%  grass fed meats and ingredients like cranberry and almond, these are gluten free protein bars that deliver an extremely high source of nutrients. We like the company’s dedication to all-natural ingredients, and these are perfect for the athlete or someone who is going low-carb. Great stocking stuffers!
($8.50/3 bars,



Delicious Protein with Zero Artificial ANYTHING.
 Chocolate Powerfusion tastes like chocolate milk, however it is made with New Zealand antibiotic/hormone free whey protein concentrate, natural cocoa powder, and all-natural stevia. No fillers, or artificial flavorings or colors to deal with. Just pure delicious protein without a chalky aftertaste. This is my favorite protein powder of all time! 

There you go. Hope that helps you in your Christmas shopping! 🙂 I know I wouldn’t mind a couple of these gifts this year!


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