Name Change Soon!

Hey guys! 

If you’ve been following me religiously on Twitter, you may notice that my message has been geared a little differently than it was when I first started.

What started as a general fitness account has now turned into more of a motivational account to help us all realize that we *are* good enough, that living our lives in My Fitness Pal prisons is no way to live, and that comparing yourself to others it one of the greatest killjoys there is. 

I feel very strongly about the issue of horribly damaged self esteems of women and younger girls (and men, too!) and want to do what I can to help change the mindset of someone who is struggling.

So I decided that my blog name just doesn’t really fit anymore. 

After lots of brainstorming, it came to me one night when I was trying to go to sleep. (When all of our best ideas come to pass, am I right!?)

I decided on: “LIFTmeup Fitness”

Because by lifting weights, I was able to lift myself up out of a horrible body image. And I want to lift others up. And I want to lift iron up. Haha you get where I am going with this…:)

What do you think?

I’ll be working on a new logo, graphics, blog make-over- the works. This is definitely one of those moments that being a graphic/web designer really comes in handy, that’s for sure! 

So just be prepared for some changes! I’m excited about the new direction I’m heading in and to be able to express my voice in a niche area that is so severely neglected. I’m always so thankful for everyone’s support.


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