Why I LOVE Chia Seeds!

As a Pescetarian who sometimes doesn’t feel like making a fish-oriented dish everyday, I’m always on the hunt for high-protein, plant-based protein sources!

And I KNOW I’m late on the Chia train, but I just have to share one of my newest favorite obsessions- CHIA SEEDS.

Chia seeds have SO many nutritional benefits! Here are some of my favorites: Image

With all of these nutritional benefits, I just had to find out how to incorporate them in my diet. I then figured out the EASIEST way to satisfy my sweet tooth and have a healthy, satisfying, high-protein snack that can help me achieve my goals, also which is awesome. I give you, chia pudding!


2 tbs. Chia Seeds
1/2 cup Almond Milk (I use unsweetened vanilla!)
1 packet Stevia

1.) Mix Chia Seeds and Almond Milk together
2.) Let sit for at least 45 minutes in the fridge.
3.) Mix Stevia and any other toppings and enjoy!

Some other toppings you can try include cocoa powder, protein powder, yogurt, oatmeal, fruit, and all sorts of other yummy things. I still have a lot of experimentation to do!

(Link to Source of Photo Above)

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate chia seeds?



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