You know those articles in Cosmopolitan that are all like,

“Get your Bikini- Booty ready in 2 weeks with this AWESOME workout!” Well……

That’s right. Ladies, for a truly AMAZING toned booty, thighs, inner thighs, back, shoulders, abs, ETC. You have to do SQUATS.

Those of you that follow my Twitter account know that I preach the gospel of squats all the time, and some of you are probably wondering where to start and are afraid of doing them because you don’t know the proper technique.

Well have no fear, because I found an amazing video that outlines exactly how to do them along with WHY they are so important! For those of you that have seen my Progress Photos– I would attribute most of my results to doing squats, HEAVY, WEIGHTED squats 3 times a week.

Why are squats so amazing?

They are pretty much the King of all strength exercises because they utilize SO many of your muscles to do them. When squatting, it’s imperative to tighten your abs, shoulders, glutes, thighs etc. to stabilize the barbell on your back, so in essence they all get worked. It’s a no-brainer. They are pretty much my favorite thing ever, no matter how much I may hate them at the moment of doing them.

Because…..well, they are hard. Really hard. But your body will NOT change without some HARD effort!

So for those of you that want to take on the challenge and truly change your body and get that toned booty you’ve always wanted, well, here ya go.


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