*Deep Breath* Okay, folks. here it is. My Progress photos thus far. It’s quite a scary thing, to post these photos of yourself out on the internet world for all to see! But it’s one of the singular most motivating things in this world for myself and for others so I feel as though it’s necessary.
A Little Background…

So I’ve never been technically “overweight.” I’ve always been relatively thin, fluctuating around 10-15 lbs. depending on my current diet and exercise routine. In high school I suffered from disordered eating, as I would eat very little and do tons of cardio because I felt really insecure and was stressed. I was so small I didn’t even weigh enough to give blood when I wanted to. Granted, I also didn’t really have much of a womanly figure, either so there’s that!

When college came around, I fluctuated greatly, mainly because of the dreaded “freshman 15” effect of indulging in more alcohol than usual, and living off of macaroni and cheese, Totino’s pizzas, and generally whatever was free. However it is to be noted during my freshman year I competed in the Miss America preliminary pageant for my University which provoked me to eat very clean and workout like a fiend. However, after the pageant, I steadily and slowly gained weight, up until my Junior year.

My Junior year is when I decided to embrace vegetarianism/veganism which launched me into a renewed interest in my health, which combined with being in very high-energy dance productions and dance classes in addition with working out got me to a pretty lean state. I didn’t have much muscle technically, but I was “skinny,” I would say.

My Senior year of college I decided to do the Master Cleanse…which pretty much started with process of screwing up my metabolism that was only compounded with this dramatic weight loss shake diet I did for an acting gig. So I had about a 5 lbs. permanent weight gain from those crazy crash-diets, unfortunately! I still was semi- focused on keeping up with fitness and nutrition, but I was not very committed.

The Turning Point

In November of 2011, I embarked on a two-week trip to Germany where I binged on beer, bread, and sweets with wild abandon, completely disregarding any sort of fitness regiment in the process. (This was absolutely devastating for my body as you are about to see!) When I got back, I was absolutely disgusted with myself and decided that I was OVER it. I was going to be in the fittest state of my LIFE!

So I started eating better and joined a gym and doing some light strength training after reading all these fitness Tumblrs stating that strength training was so important. However, it wasn’t until I met my current boyfriend who is a personal trainer that I really started dialing into heavy lifting with proper technique and started squatting, deadlifting, and pressing.

I started a very structured exercise and diet regiment in April of 2012 , and 6 months later, I’ve made incredible gains in strength (I squat 135 lbs.!) as well as in my self-confidence! I’ve lost inches and fat, can fit into things I couldn’t before, and feel amazing. I recently started my fitness themed twitter account FitStrongSexy which has helped immensely in motivation as well. I have found the best way to motivate myself is to motivate OTHERS and stay in a positive mindset, because all of this has been a crazy mental strength journey as well! It’s been rough, and blood, sweat, and tears have been shed but it’s all been worth it and will continue to be so. I just want everyone to know that it IS possible for you to be strong and fit! It just takes WORK, and DEDICATION.

I hope my progress photos inspire you and push you to be your very best! I’m still a work in progress myself, and am hoping to eventually compete in fitness competitions and I’m so glad that you guys can all be a part of this journey with me! 🙂


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