Food Preparation- Making Life Easier!

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend most of your day in somewhat of a scramble-mode.  From the moment I get up I am running to the gym, to rehearsal, class, work, grocery store, errands- phew! In the midst of all that craziness WHEN am I supposed to have a perfectly healthy, portioned clean meal?! Add to that the fact that I work in the catering industry as well as a place where people throw sweets at you with wild abandon, and I quickly realized that it was imperative I start actually prepping my meals in advance. That way I am always ARMED with good nutrition! 🙂

I’ve been doing this for a little while now and have found that ever since, I’ve been getting leaner A LOT faster than before, and I’ve found it way easier to resist temptations. Basically, what I do is plan out around 3 meals to rotate throughout the week, and cook them all on one day!

(And yes, I did say COOK. If you’re serious about fitness and health- cooking is pretty much a necessary skill you may have to cultivate if you are not already well acquainted in the kitchen. Don’t worry- it’s not as hard as it seems! There are TONS of video tutorials and recipes online that can turn you into a regular Betty Crocker in no time.)

What I do is write out my meals and ingredients (This week it was baked rosemary tilapia with roasted broccoli, curried shrimp and squash, and teriyaki tuna burgers with kale- watch out for these recipes soon!) and then just cook them ALL at one time. I usually do this on a weekend when I have a little bit of free time, because it does usually take around an 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. at LEAST, depending on what you’re making! You can even make a fun event out of it. Play some music to pass the time!

Then I portion them all into tupperware containers, put around 3 in the fridge for quick access and throw the rest in the freezer. I usually make around 11-12 meals for the week which lasts me, especially because I still cook my breakfast and sometimes I will still eat greek yogurt or a protein shake/bar for a quick meal on the go. I have found that doing this saves SO. MUCH. MORE. TIME during the week, time I can use to get other things done besides cooking!

Does anybody else do this? If you have any great tips to share feel free to comment! And happy prepping 🙂


2 thoughts on “Food Preparation- Making Life Easier!

  1. Linerzen says:

    What kind of protein powder do you use?? I try to eat natural & whole… I’ve heard conflicting things about whey protein….

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